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YouTube is today rolling out a new feature designed to help users identify the most popular parts of a video they’re watching, along with other changes to its video player. The company says it’s adding a graph that people can use to easily locate and watch the most replayed parts of a video — something that could be particularly useful for longer videos or those that haven’t broken down their different sections using timestamps or video chapters. .

The feature was previously available as an experience that YouTube Premium subscribers could access from, but will now be available to all YouTube users, free and Premium, on desktop, iOS and Android.

While creators often segment their longer videos into chapters or link to selected parts via timestamps, the new graph aims to allow users to skim through any YouTube video to quickly find the most interesting parts. These segments may or may not always correlate with the location of chapters or timestamps, either – especially in the case of certain video segments that go viral, for example.

Additionally, the feature could help users navigate better to useful parts of tutorial videos, or to the segment that has the most action, such as the most-watched segment of a player’s video.

YouTube viewers will now be able to see this subtle gray graphic when scrolling through the video using the red playback progress bar. If the graph is high, then that part of the video has been replayed often, YouTube says. The video thumbnail that appears will also indicate when you’ve reached the “most replayed” segment.

Picture credits: Youtube

Along with this launch, YouTube is also rolling out support for Video Chapters, the segmentation tool first launched in May 2020, to smart TVs and game consoles. Chapters allow users to jump to a particular section of a video or easily revisit that section. Since its launch, YouTube has enabled the automatic generation of chapters and the ratings they have now been added to some 20 million videos to date.

Another newly added feature called Single Loop will now allow users to put an individual video on endless repeat. To access this feature, you will select the option from the same menu where you can adjust video quality, enable subtitles and more.

Also, in full-screen mode, a new panel now appears to display video information, such as video description, video chapters, and comments. Users will be able to access quick action buttons here to like, dislike, comment, share, or add a video to a playlist directly from full screen mode.

Picture credits: Youtube

Finally, YouTube has announced that it will be starting another new experience “soon” that will allow users to search for the exact moment of a video they want to watch. This, too, will first be made available to Premium subscribers via the website, it says.

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