While Pixel Watch will do everything on Fitbit, founder says Google Fit will co-exist for now

The culmination of Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit has arrived, with the Pixel Watch officially arriving later this year with a fully integrated Fitbit experience. What does this mean for Google Fit? We’ve been curious for a while, but it seems Fitbit and Google Fit only have plans to co-exist.

In an interview with the people of CNET, Fitbit founder James Park answered some burning questions about Fitbit’s first foray into providing its health software for the unnamed hardware. In case you missed it earlier today, the Google Pixel Watch will come with Fitbit as its health suite, complete with sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, active minutes, and more.

But a big question about it has been what happens to Google Fit with Fitbit in the picture. After all, both apps essentially serve the same purpose, and Google Fit has been running the show on Wear OS for years as the platform’s go-to health suite. Apparently Google has no immediate plans to suspend Fit, Park says.

I think for now Google Fit and the Fitbit app will continue as is – I don’t think we want to break the experience for either set of users. Both user groups, which are quite large, love the app they use for various reasons. At this time, we see no reason to change this.

It’s been clear for some time that Google hasn’t fully figured out what to do with Fit and Fitbit, with products like the 2nd-gen Nest Hub and its Soli-powered sleep tracker sitting in limbo for some time. But it looks like, for now, that’s the situation we’re going to stick with, for better or for worse.

Park’s interview provides some other interesting insights into the Pixel Watch experience with Fitbit. He said Fitbit wanted to “bring as many benefits of Fitbit to Pixel” as possible, and that “it will work both ways” with Google services connecting to the Fitbit experience. As for the sensors, Park couldn’t share exactly what the Pixel Watch will offer, but that “the goal is to bring the most advanced sensors across the portfolio.” Previously we noted that it appears the Pixel Watch is sharing its health sensors with the Fitbit Charge 5.

You can read the full interview for more on Park’s thoughts on the Pixel Watch and its connection to Fitbit, and our coverage for more information on the Pixel Watch itself.

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