Well-known councilors get banged during County Council cabinet reshuffle

CHANGES to Worcestershire County Council’s top team have been announced by the leader.

Councilor Simon Geraghty announced immediate changes to the cabinet, with the departure of some big names.

The cabinet positions are now:

  • Head of Council and Head of Finance – Councilor Simon Geraghty
  • Deputy Chief and Cabinet Member Responsible for Communities – Councilor Marcus Hart
  • Cabinet Member Responsible for Education – Councilor Tracey Onslow
  • Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport – Councilor Mike Rouse
  • Cabinet Member for Adult Welfare – Adviser Adrian Hardman
  • Cabinet Member Responsible for the Environment – Councilor Richard Morris
  • Cabinet Member Responsible for Children and Families – Councilor Andy Roberts
  • Cabinet Member Responsible for Health and Wellness – Councilor Karen May
  • Cabinet Member Responsible for Corporate Services and Communications – Councilor Adam Kent
  • Member of the cabinet responsible for the economy, infrastructure and skills – Advisor Marc Bayliss

Among the figures leaving the firm are Councilor Alan Amos, who was previously responsible for highways and transport, and Councilor Tony Miller, who was previously responsible for the environment.

CHANGES: Councilor Alan Amos leaves the firm

Advisor Tracey Onslow joins the firm after serving as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for the past six years. Tracey was born and raised in Worcestershire and has 15 years of local government experience, including several ministerial portfolios with Wyre Forest District Council.

The cabinet changes were announced with the launch of the authority’s updated business plan which sets out its plans to Shape Worcestershire’s future from 2022-2027, being discussed at the next meeting on May 19.

Councilor Geraghty said: “With the launch this week of our updated business plan for the county, the time has come to make changes to my senior team and wider oversight roles to ensure the delivery of our ambitious plan to shape the future of Worcestershire.

Bromsgrove Announcer:

“The renewed cabinet will allow us to refocus on our priorities with the opportunity to inject new ideas, while ensuring that we have the right mix of experience within the team. This will also allow for some changes to the review arrangements at our Board AGM.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan Amos, Tony Miller and Matt Dormer for their significant contribution to the Cabinet.

“I am delighted to welcome Tracey Onslow, Richard Morris and Mike Rouse to the Firm and look forward to working closely with them as part of the wider Firm team to achieve the things that matter most to our residents and our businesses.”

“I am truly delighted with the launch of the updated business plan and with it our new firm to help us deliver on our commitments set out in the plan.”

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