Two Ubisoft AAA titles highlight Xbox Game Pass in June

Origins of Assassin’s Creedthe stealth franchise’s 2017 adventure into ancient Egypt, headlines new titles available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the first half of June. For honor“Walk of Fire” edition adds to Ubisoft’s new commitment to the downloadable catalog starting Wednesday, June 1.

running light, which launched for multiplayer melee/brawler in 2018, adds the Wu Lin faction, which includes the Tiandi (Vanguard class) Jiang Jun (Heavy), Nuxia (Assassin) Shaolin, and Shanu (both hybrid fighters). This building of For honor also includes endless single/multiplayer Arcade PvE mode, as well as Breach, the four-versus-four to eight-player PvP playlist.

Origins of Assassin’s Creed arrives June 7 and should intrigue subscribers who may have just finished watching Moon Knight on Disney+. In the 2017 adventure, players take on the role of Bayek, a Medjay ranger who is committed to keeping Cleopatra and her people safe. The game ushered in the Assassin’s Creed Ancient World story arc, which includes 2018 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in Greece, and the 2020s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, set in the era of Viking rule over the British Isles.

Other games coming to Xbox Game Pass – all June 7 – include:

Chorus — Sometimes represented by CHORVS, it is the third-person space combat game developed by Fishlabs, released in December by Deep Silver.

Record room – an action/puzzle game, launched in 2020, in which the player must find their way out of maze-like rooms while avoiding a storm of saw-blade projectiles.

Distant space lines – A “roguelike-like” management game, in which the player operates a super groovy airline in space, with totally mod 1960s themes adding spice to everything.

The new games mean more will roll out of the Xbox Game Pass library by June 15. These include darkest dungeon, Dungeons & Dragons: Dark AllianceGreed, Limbo, and Towards To scold. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can purchase these titles at 20% off their Microsoft Store price before they depart.

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