Trump uses Buffalo mass shooting to deceptively brag about lack of American deaths in Afghanistan during his presidency, video shows

  • Former President Donald Trump addresses a crowd shortly after the mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday night.

  • He used the shooting to brag about the lack of American deaths in Afghanistan during his presidency.

  • Boasting is deceptive. There have been several US military deaths throughout Trump’s tenure.

Former President Donald Trump used the racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo to deceptively brag about the lack of deaths in Afghanistan during his presidency, video shows.

Speaking on Saturday in Austin, Texas, the former president took to the stage shortly after an 18-year-old opened fire on customers and employees, killing 10 people at a supermarket in Buffalo, Texas. New York.

“I think they had a tragic event in Buffalo, just as I walked on stage, a tragic event in Buffalo with many people killed,” Trump said, according to the video.

“In 18 months in Afghanistan, we have not lost anyone,” continued the former president in an apparent non-sequence. He then talked about negotiating with Abdul Ghani Baradar – the co-founder of the Taliban.

Trump’s claim that no one died in Afghanistan during his 18-month presidency is misleading.

It is unclear which 18-month period Trump was referring to. Insider contacted Trump’s post-presidency office for clarification, but received no response.

He may have been referring to claims popularized on social media, described by USA TODAY, in which Trump supporters said there were no US military deaths between February 2020 and August 2021. According to an audit facts by USA TODAY, these claims are misleading.

Four American deaths were recorded in Afghanistan during that time, according to the Pentagon’s casualty tracking system, per USA Today, but not in combat situations. Eight of those months were during President Joe Biden’s tenure.

If Trump was referring to the last 18 months of his presidency, a period between July 2019 and January 2021, that is also factually incorrect.

In 2020, 11 military deaths were recorded in Afghanistan. In the last 18 months of Trump’s presidency, a total of 22 US service members have been reported dead in Afghanistan.

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu of California criticized Trump’s comment in a tweet Saturday evening.

“It’s a ridiculous comparison from the former president,” wrote Lieu, a colonel in the Air Force Reserve Command. “Furthermore, Trump is a liar and disrespects the 64 brave American servicemen who died under his watch in Afghanistan ignoring their deaths in his statement: 11 in 2020; 24 in 2019; 14 in 2018; 15 in 2017.”

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