This is your last chance to access the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Sound Library

Pikachu with tears in his eyes in front of the Pokemon DP Sound Library logo.

Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

In February, Nintendo made a very unusual move and gave access to a huge library of Pokemon Diamond and pearl‘s sound effects and music, even encouraging people to use them in their own (non-commercial) projects. What a great thing to do! So of course, three months later, it’s closing it.

The Pokémon DP sound library is an archive of music and sound effects from the 2006 game (not recent remakes), which actively encouraged audiences to grab the tunes and use them in their own personal projects. From Nintendo, a company we’re much more used to reports on for stamping on tiny homebrew fan projects, it seemed like a super positive decision. So just like The Pokemon Company announcement record profitsNintendo is take it all offline.

The library project is surprisingly friendly in its allocations, given that it’s Nintendo we are talking about. It allows people to use in-game music as background music on YouTube videos, play it at non-commercial public events like parties and theater plays, or even have it play when entering buildings. weddings.

At the same time, and unsurprisingly, it has never been the copyleft version it could have been, and commercial reuse is not permitted. Oh, and users better be extra careful, because it also disallows some pretty ambiguous purposes, including “anything that makes a specific ideological, religious, or political claim.” Which is, you know, all there is.

Now (as spotted by Eurogamer), for unknown reasons, everything is removed from the Internet. The first page of the site now explains that on May 31, 2022, at 9:00 UTC, everything will be gone. Maybe someone at Nintendo found out they made someone smile without charging $59.99 first, and cannot be tolerated.

The post goes on to explain that people will still be able to use the music and effects they’ve uploaded, as long as they do so “within the terms of service and guidelines”, which of course will be much more difficult. to find once they remove them from the website. Which should at least give pleasure to their miserable lawyers in the future, once these rules are long forgotten.

Quite why such fun and pleasantly-project presented should be nipped just three months after the launch is unclear. We asked Nintendo what was going on and will update if they let us know. In the meantime, go download right away because it’s gone tomorrow morning.

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