This clip from Final Fantasy XIV will make you cry

Today Square Enix released the music video for “Flow”, one of the main theme songs of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and friends, it’s a doozy. If you have work to do or need to be productive in any way today, don’t, and I can’t stress it enough, watch this music video.

I’ve already shed half the moisture from my body in tears. It was cathartic and necessary and so on time. And, as much as I don’t enjoy trying to see through a curtain of water that just doesn’t seem to end, I deeply and truly appreciate this music video’s ability to make me stop and To feel.

Life right now is not normal. People are dying from a disease that we don’t seem to care enough to stop. People cannot afford to live; people cannot afford to feed their babies; and people can’t afford to go out into the world without fear of being murdered by armed white supremacists who we also don’t seem concerned enough to stop. It is not normal! And yet, the mechanisms of capitalism make it necessary to continue to act as if all was well to continue to live.

I know that if I take a moment to think about what happened to my people in Buffalo – people with names like my older aunts, uncles and grandmothers – I will go to bed in grief and not get up. . So, to continue, I turned off. But then comes this silly video game with these fake people who mean nothing in the grand cosmic scale of the world saying, “Welcome and well met my brave little spark”, and all the emotions I’ve so far tried to deny myself just to keep on living bubbled up and down, and it’s so sad but so Well that I have no words for that. I needed this reminder of my humanity. I needed Hydaelyn’s message in the song which basically says, “It’s okay, brave, I got you.”

The thing that always attracts me Endwalker, why it’s the best MMO experience you can have right now is that it has this nuanced and mature conception of the cessation of life. Unlike most video games, it treats death not as an evil to be overcome but as a constant companion to life – without trivializing the trauma of death itself. In “Flow,” death is a sweet, sweet rest that comes at the end of a beautiful journey. And while not without sadness, death should never be met with despair.

Hush, my love, close your eyes and rest in sleep
Like distant sunlight, echoes to the dreams below
Know you’ll wake up, when the winds pick up again
‘Cause the end of this journey is just one step closer to tomorrow

All Final Fantasy XIVThe music is bangers – from “Answers” to “Dragonsong” and “Close in the Distance”, but “Flow” is special. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the emotion contained in the piano of Masayoshi Soken, the words of Natsuko Ishikawa and Kathryn Cwynar and the voice of Amanda Achen. Listen to it when you have the chance, but be sure to block out your schedule. You might cry for a while.

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