These open-ear running headphones are the perfect AirPods alternatives for athletes

Tired of struggling to deploy the ambient temperature sensing feature on your running headphones while you pound the pavement? Or do you find the fit of your AirPods 3 a little less secure than you’d like when running? Cleer Audio may have what it takes with its new Arc open-ear wireless headphones, because they don’t cover your ear canal at all.

But before we all nod wisely, note that these aren’t actually bone conduction headphones. Cleer explains that its Arc headphones use an “ear-hook hinge design” that allows the open-ear units to sit above the ear canal, funneling audio directly into your ears through speakers. custom 16.2mm graphene neodymium tubes that “beam” to your ears. The company says this unique, comfortable pinch-free design allows you to maintain spatial awareness while still enjoying your music. The promise? Complete reconnaissance of your surroundings while enjoying the playlist that will inspire you to achieve a new personal best of 5 km.

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