The YouTube Android app just upgraded streaming to TV in a big way

Ryan Haines/Android Authority


  • Google makes it easy to interact with YouTube on your TV through your phone.
  • The company clearly sees the phone as the centerpiece of digital entertainment.

The latest update to the YouTube app on Android and iOS solves one of the biggest challenges of watching YouTube on your TV.

YouTube has been available on TVs for over a decade, but interacting with it is still a major irritation. Using a remote to painstakingly spell out the name of a video or search for your favorite content creator can be a frustrating exercise. The latest YouTube mobile app is designed to solve this problem by better integrating your phone with your TV.

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According to the company, 80% of people already use a secondary device when watching YouTube on their TV. Once YouTube realized this, they stopped trying to make the TV app the ultimate solution and embraced the idea of ​​the phone as a companion device.

YouTube TV and phone app

“Now your phone will sync to the TV, so you can directly interact with the video you’re watching from the comfort of your phone,” writes Brynn Evans, design lead for YouTube on TV. “This means it’s easier than ever to read video descriptions, leave comments, share the video with a friend, or support your favorite creators by sending a Super Chat or becoming a member, while watching on big screen.”

Google clearly views a person’s phone as the centerpiece of their digital entertainment and plans to work on more features that will help achieve this goal.

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