The new French government will be announced on Friday: Presidency

The new composition of the French government will be announced later on Friday, the presidency said, with the new cabinet due to meet on Monday.

The announcement came four days after Elisabeth Borne, the outgoing labor minister, was named prime minister, becoming the first woman to lead the French government in more than 30 years.

The government reshuffle was widely expected after President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election in April and ahead of parliamentary elections next month.

Centrist Macron will need a legislative majority to push through his national agenda after his re-election, with a new alliance of the left and the far right threatening to block his agenda.

The last female prime minister, Edith Cresson, briefly led the cabinet from May 1991 to April 1992 under President François Mitterrand.

Borne, 61, is seen as a capable technocrat who can negotiate cautiously with unions as the president embarks on a new package of social reforms that include an increase in the retirement age that is likely to spark protests.

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