The Council Cabinet was reshuffled following the Welwyn Hatfield Local Elections

2:25 PM May 16, 2022

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s cabinet was reshuffled after the Conservatives retained overall control after local elections.

The reshuffle was announced at a council meeting on May 23, with the big change seeing councilor Stephen Boulton replacing retired Duncan Bell as deputy head of council and executive member for resources and planning.

Cllr Tony Kingsbury – who remains at the helm of WHBC – paid tribute to Mr Bell, saying: ‘I want to thank Duncan for all he has given to the board.

“Whether as a local councilor for Hatfield Villages, as a trusted MP for me during my time as leader and as a cabinet member who has guided council through the financial instability we have faced these last years.

“His stewardship of our finances has allowed us to continue to provide the services people value the most.

“I know Stephen will be an exceptional MP in his own right, having been a local councilor for 23 years and served in Cabinet since 2018 in such a key role.”

Other changes see Hatfield Villages Cllr Samuel Kasumu take on the role of Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change, while Terry Mitchinson has returned to the firm as Executive Member for Recreation and Community.

The following councilors will remain in their positions:

Cllr Nick Pace – Executive Member for Governance, Public Health and IT

Cllr Bernard Sarson – Executive Member for Community Safety and Parking

Cllr Fiona Thomson – Executive Member for Housing

“I am also delighted to see Terry taking over a portfolio he knows well and showcasing the talents of Samuel who will be joining the Cabinet for the first time,” added Cllr Kingsbury.

“With Bernard, Nick and Fiona continuing their work as Cabinet colleagues, I am certain that we are well placed to meet the challenges ahead, while respecting our priorities which have been shaped by the people who live, work and pass their time at Welwyn. Hatfield.

Following local elections earlier this month, the full composition of Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is now 26 Conservative, 12 Liberal Democrat and 10 Labor members.

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