Texas High School Prank Spins Out of Control, Causes Thousands of Damage

An initially sanctioned senior prank at a Texas high school took a destructive turn this week, causing thousands of dollars in damages and forcing the school to cancel classes for the remainder of the school year.

The approved prank was organized by a small group of students at Frisco’s Memorial High School and involved sticking post-it notes all over the walls. But the stunt turned into an act of building-wide vandalism, school officials said.

The extent of the damage was significant enough that the high school canceled its last classes Thursday and Friday as the campus was cleaned up, shortening the year for graduates, Fox 4 reported.

School officials said they plan to charge students responsible for the mess.

“Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on walls, destruction of furniture, fire extinguishers dumped all over campus and more,” school administrators said in a letter.

“All surfaces on the 300,000 square foot campus must be cleaned, including walls, ceilings and floors. Frisco ISD will hold students responsible for costs associated with cleanup,” administrators said.

Staff were at the school monitoring the prank, but once the situation got out of hand they called the police and fire department.

High school students would have ransacked the cafeteria.

Video shared on social media shows plumes of smoke from fire extinguishers filling a vandalized cafeteria as other students filmed the chaos. No one was injured, officials said.

The school is working with the police department to identify those involved. They could potentially face criminal charges.

“It was another level of embarrassment for me because I was expecting to go to school the next day and post-it notes were everywhere,” senior Katelynn Mabrey told Fox 4.

Frisco Memorial High School in Texas canceled classes for the remainder of the school year after the building suffered heavy damage following a prank by the senior class.
Footage shows students decorating a second floor with toilet paper as smoke billows.

She said she was disappointed not to see her favorite teachers in the building again as a student.

“They canceled school because of everything that happened. And now I don’t see those teachers who have been so important in my life,” Katelynn said. “And it’s just not funny. It’s not nice. It’s just sad.

The high school graduation ceremony scheduled for Friday is expected to go ahead as planned.

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