Taliban cabinet approves national budget for fiscal year 1401 to 231 billion Afghans – The Khaama Press News Agency

The Taliban Council of Ministers approved a total budget of 231 billion Afghans for FY1401, of which 27.9 billion is allocated for development programs and 203 billion for the regular budget.

Today, Saturday May 15, the Taliban’s Ministry of Finance announced the approval of fiscal budget 1401, noting that, unlike previous years, the budget is fully subsidized by national revenues.

This year’s budget has a deficit of about 44 billion Afghans, according to the statement.

The announcement did not explain what the 203 billion Afghans would be used for.

Nevertheless, political developments in Afghanistan over the past nine months have shattered the previous government’s development plans, and the budget for carrying out those plans has been frozen for the past nine months.

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