Take-Two CEO Acknowledges Frustrated Red Dead Online Gamers, But Offers Nothing Else [Update]

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It’s been almost a year since Red Dead Online’last major update. The long wait for new content has led to a growing movement among some gamers to #SaveRedDeadOnline, putting pressure on developer Rockstar using social media and email. Today, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive, confirmed that he and his company are aware of all the frustration and assured fans that more were planned, but only provided no details or timelines for when these updates would arrive. .

red dead online—the 2018 multiplayer spin-off Red Dead Redemption II— did not receive a substantial new update since July 2021. This latest update, blood money, added new flights, clothing, and a host of short-lived battle passes. Even before that, major updates to Rockstar’s open-world western online game were rare, often separated by several months of nothing more than small weekly events where players could earn a bit of extra XP or games. money to play old content again. Meanwhile, Rockstar’s other ongoing multiplayer game, grand theft auto online, continues to receive major and minor updates at a much faster rate. This created a tense situation between RDO players, who feel frustrated, ignored and who believe the game is abandoned like a dead bandit in the desert.

Today, talk to IGNTake-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick acknowledged the frustration of RDO players, adding that he was “flattered” by it all.

“I heard the frustration,” Zelnick said. “It’s flattering that [RDO players] want more content, and Rockstar will say more in due course.

After that nothing-burger response, Zelnick then said IGN that it was not for him to talk about it RDOand instead would allow Rockstar Games to talk about any updates that might be coming for the game.

“Rockstar Games talks about upcoming updates,” said Zelnick IGN. “And we’re doing a lot of work on Rockstar Games.”

Update, 05/16/22, 6:35 PM EST: Well, it seems that this rather encouraging news was too good to be true. Take-Two sent a clarification to IGN on the statements of its CEO regarding the future of RDO, explaining that Zelnick “only refers to online servers” for the game and explained that he was not confirming that future content updates were on the way, instead saying that Rockstar would decide if and when such updates day would come RDO.

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IGN also asked Zelnick if Take-Two and Rockstar Games plan to support red dead online for the long haul and he confirmed that was indeed the plan, although again he offered no specific details or timeline on when frustrated players could expect further updates.

While some in the RDO the community is just happy to hear that RDO has a future and their frustration has been noted, others are (understandably) disappointed that nearly a year after the game’s last update, Rockstar and Take-Two don’t have more to offer.

Yet even though the game continues to linger as the last zombie you must kill before the next wave appears, Rockstar has never stopped letting people pour money into it. red dead online via in-game microtransactions, even as its content drought rapidly approaches its second year.

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