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  • Tech titans hold back hiring amid ‘challenging macro environment’

    Paris: From e-commerce colossus Amazon to social media star Facebook, America’s tech companies that once grew with abandon have held back hiring to endure tumultuous times. Internet giants that experienced a business boom during the pandemic have been hit by inflation, war, supply issues and people returning to pre-Covid lifestyles. Corporate belt-tightening was a common […]

  • Apple loses a major title

    Apple (AAPL) – Get the Apple Inc. just lost a coveted title. The iPhone maker snagged that crown in 2020 on a financial performance that made investors giddy with strong sales of its hardware – iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch – and a surge in services. These revenues have steadily increased thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic […]

  • Tesla driving at 70 mph crashes into Columbus Convention Center

    A Tesla accelerating to 70 mph crashed into a convention center in Columbus, Ohio, footage of the crash is being released. The driver of the 2020 Tesla 3 crashed head-on into the Greater Columbus Convention Center on May 4 after losing control of his brakes, according to a police report obtained by WBNS. The video […]

  • Elon Musk says Trump SHOULD NOT run for president in 2024 but will get his Twitter back

    Elon Musk says Donald Trump should skip the 2024 election even as he promises to restore the former president’s Twitter account. The Tesla CEO shared his views on US politics in a series of tweets Thursday night. He said Trump should not run for office because a “less divisive candidate would be better off in […]

  • Mercedes says it can’t make electric vehicles fast enough

    Photo: mercedes Mercedes has no trouble selling electric cars, Tesla has a new recall, and Lucid is going to Europe. All this and more in The morning shift for May 10, 2022. 1st gear: Mercedes’ EV business is strong I don’t know what to think about it, except virtually any new car today is a […]