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  • Norman Reedus casually reveals the existence of Death Stranding 2

    Digital Norman Reedus in Death StrandingPicture: sony Video game development can be an oddly secretive endeavor, with even the existence of a future project being guarded as a powerful revelation, only to be distributed when the hype engine is hungry. Of course, Hideo Kojima Death Stranding was a critical success, made big money, and got […]

  • Death Stranding sequel apparently acknowledged by Norman Reedus

    Screenshot: Kojima Productions / Kotaku Talk to Men’s Lifestyle Site Leoactor Norman Reedus seems to suggest that not only will there be a sequel to 2019 Death Stranding, but this production has “just started”. This information comes in the middle of a broad interview where the actor talks about his time on The Walking Deadhis […]

  • In a way, the N64 portal can do

    Valves Gatereleased in 2007 (!), is one of the last games one would expect the humble little N64 to be able to handle, and yet here we are in 2022, seeing it handle it quite well. Programmer James Lambert worked on a Gate demake for Nintendo’s system for a little while now, but in his […]

  • New cloud technology warns you when not to play Kingdom Hearts

    Once, a long time ago, buying and playing a video game was quite easy. You bought the disc or cart, stuck it in the console and hit play. not so much more. Concrete example: The not so great versions of Kingdom Hearts released on Switch earlier this year recently received an update and now has […]

  • Retro game price ‘manipulation’ controversy skyrockets in court

    Screenshot: Heritage Auctions / Kotaku The market frenzy that led to record price for retro games seems to have slowed since last year, but frustration with the collectibles grading company at the center of the spike hasn’t abated. Earlier this week, a number of Wata Games customers filed a class action lawsuit in an attempt […]

  • Leaker Says Konami Pulled Silent Hill Photos It Apparently Doesn’t Want You To See

    Three different leaked images of a supposedly in development silent Hill game showing a woman’s face peeling off to reveal some kind of physiology machinations, a hallway lined with post-it notes with what looks like a schoolgirl-like figure standing thereand one crawlthere red room.Picture: Konami / Twilight Golem / Silent Hill / Kotaku A well-known […]