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  • This Year’s Weird Flu Season Just Got Even Weird

    Photo: Kristopher Radder/The Brattleboro Reformer (PA) Even as covid-19 continues to dominate the public health spotlightour old friend the flu is showing up with some new surprises. This year’s flu season is not following the usual bell curve pattern, as an NBC graphics illustrations, where cases peak around January and February and then fall toward […]

  • This year’s weird flu season is even weirder

    Photo: Kristopher Radder / The Brattleboro Reformer (PA) Even though covid-19 continues to dominate public health projectorour old friend the flu shows up with a few new surprises. Jhis year’s flu season doesn’t follow the usual bell-curve pattern, as NBC chart illustrated, where cases peak around January and February, then fall towards the end of […]