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  • Government hackers hit Chrome and Android with ‘Predator’ spyware: Google

    Photo: justin sullivan (Getty Images) A shady private a surveillance company has sold access to nearly half a dozen powerful security holes in Chrome and Android last year to government-affiliated hackersGoogle revealed on Monday. Cytroxa secret company based in North Macedonia, allegedly sold access to four zero-day security vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser as well […]

  • Valve has made the Steam Bridge easy to modify and repair, and it’s starting to pay off

    As reported by The edge Over the weekend, the legendary repair advocates at iFixit.com plan to make virtually every part of the Steam Deck available for sale, including the motherboard with its custom AMD chip. While word of this was undoubtedly exciting for Steam Deck fans, iFixit took to Twitter to claim that the news […]

  • Analysts predict tech’s next move – and name stocks to play it

    Three analysts share their outlook for the tech, with one saying it’s poised for a hard rally, and another naming “very interesting” stocks in the sector. Chris Watling, managing director of Longview Economics, said the stock market as a whole was “ready to rally”. “We just need a whiff of good news somewhere to spark […]

  • Nvidia’s data center sales may eclipse gaming – maybe that’s not a good thing

    Data center sales from Nvidia Corp. is expected to outpace its game sales in fiscal first-quarter results as demand from server farms remains high and interest in games has waned from the rabid levels of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. NVIDIA NVDA, -2.51% is due to release its financial results after the closing bell […]

  • You can finally listen to YouTube music on Wear OS, no phone required

    YouTube Music for Wear OS finally gets a thumbnail! Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo Good news for listening to YouTube Musicandrs! A compatible app for Wear OS is finally here so you can take your playlists with you on the go. Google announced in a user community post that YouTube Music is finally a standalone […]

  • How to get a free Fitbit or Apple Watch from your insurance company

    Photo: Charnsite (Shutterstock) Fitness Trackers to like Apple watches and Fitbitsare generally not as expensive as technology like smartphones and tablets, but they are not exactly cheap. You certainly wouldn’t pass up the possibility to take one for free. And ones it turns out that many insurance companies include fitness programs that come with a […]

  • Game Pass gets Vampire Survivors, one of the best games of the year

    Picture: Pumice Sony may have caused a stir with its recently detailed PS Plus redesign, but Game Pass continues to grow its library. The park builder Jurassic World Evolution 2 is obviously a main draw and, as a bonus!, today. Later this week, Game Pass will also receive one of the best games of the […]

  • Mother alleges TikTok challenge led to her daughter’s death, was recommended by her algorithm

    Photo: phBodrova (Shutterstock) The mother of a 10-year-old girl who died last year is suing TikTok and its parent company ByteDance over allegations that the company’s algorithm promoted a so-called ‘Blackout Challenge’ in the child’s feed. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Tawainna Anderson, of Pennsylvania, said her daughter Nylah died last year after suffocating while […]

  • Android Auto gets a makeover

    Android Auto’s refresh will make it easier to take your maps and messages into account while driving. Picture: Google Android Auto in the dash gets a much-needed refresh. During a session at its developer conference, Google introduced a lapOptimized interface for Android based car software. It includes a new split-screen mode that’s more scalable across […]

  • RIP iPod, home of the mobile gaming renaissance (2001-2022)

    Photo: justin sullivan (Getty Images) Pour one for each kid who strapped a backpack in middle school, because they’re probably in mourning today. With Apple’s discontinuation of the 7th generation iPod Touch, announced yesterdayIt’s official: the iPod is dead. Apparently, the iPod was a music device, meant to digitize song libraries and take listeners away […]