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  • Great punch!! Two-player hidden mode discovered 28 years later

    Picture: Nintendo/Nintendo Life There was a landmark discovery made in Super Nintendo’s 1994 release Super Punch-Out!! today. A Twitter account known as ‘Unlisted cheats‘ discovered a hidden two-player mode in the game. To access this option, on the game’s start screen, you will need to hold the ‘Y’ and ‘R’ buttons on the second player’s […]

  • SNK Announces Neo Geo Pocket Vol.2 Color Pick, Coming Soon

    Image: SNK SNK announced Neo Geo Vol.2 Pocket Color Selection Coming soon.” No platform has yet been revealed, but the Switch has a good chance after the first volume was released on the platform last year. There’s no word on the range of games this volume will include at this time, but we’ll likely see […]

  • Random: Here’s a look at Masahiro Sakurai’s retro video game collection

    If you’re looking for new ways to organize your retro video game collection, you might want to read on. Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kirby and director of the Smash Bros. series, recently shared an image on social media of his impressive library of retro games. As you can see, it has prints stacked with […]

  • Game Freak had planned 65,535 versions of the original Pokémon game

    Subscribe to Nintendo Life at Youtube Pokemon always had two different releases, but before the original games were released on the Game Boy in 1996, Game Freak had plans for something else. In new translations of old Japanese interviews (via the Did You Know Gaming YouTube channel), it’s revealed how Game Freak wanted 65,535 different […]

  • Round Up: Every Physical Game From The Limited Run Summer Showcase Is Coming To Switch

    Subscribe to Nintendo Life at Youtube Limited Run Games released its LRG3 Summer Showcase earlier today. As usual there was a lot Switch announcements. There have also been other Nintendo-related announcements for platforms such as the 3DS, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. We’ve included a full video recap of the show (above) if you want […]

  • New N64 emulator plugin adds ray tracing, widescreen, 60FPS (and more) to classics like Zelda and Paper Mario

    Image: @dariosamo (via Twitter) Remember the absolutely stunning showcase of Super Mario 64 with ray tracing? Well, the same person is currently working on a new project that could evolve N64 emulation. Modder turned software developer, Dario has just revealed that ‘RT64’ (the pathfinder behind the sm64rt project) is being turned into a Nintendo 64 […]

  • Sega considered Dreamcast and Saturn Mini but worried about extreme costs

    Image: Nintendo Life One of the highlights of the week was the announcement of the Mega Drive Mini 2 – Sega’s next miniature console, loaded with 50 games from the Mega Drive and Mega CD libraries. It will launch in October in Japan and will include games like sonic cd, Slipstream and Virtua Racing. As […]

  • Evercade EXP – Official Trailer

    Evercade EXP – Official TrailerIGN Evercade’s upcoming Retro Arcade handheld gets Wi-Fi and a new portrait modeGizmodo Evercade gets an “EXP” upgrade, complete with Irem and Toaplan collectionsNintendo’s life Evercade EXP laptop announcedGamesIndustry.biz Evercade EXP Handheld and Irem and Toaplan carts announcedSiliconera

  • You can play Mario Kart 64 in Glorious HD with this fan-made texture pack

    Image: Video Games Art Archive/Nintendo The Nintendo 64 fan scene has been pretty darn busy lately, with the PC port of Zelda: Ocarina of Time launching – and getting a bunch of fun and unusual mods – and even more games meant to be made available through reverse engineering. Next on the list, however, is […]

  • Random: Portal 64 Demake shows Portal running on “real N64 hardware”

    Valves Portal: Companion Collection will see the release of Gate and Portal 2 on a Nintendo console for the very first time, but have you ever wondered what the original 2007 game might have looked like if released in the N64 era? Well, there’s now a ‘Portal 64’ demake in the works. It’s still in […]