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  • SIDS is still a tragic mystery, despite claims that the ’cause’ has been found

    Photo: Andrew Wang (Getty Images) Last week, multiple headlines and social media posts claimed that scientists had finally found the “cause” of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Unfortunately, the reality is a bit more complicated. While the research could one day lead to important discoveries in predicting or treating this devastating syndrome, the results are […]

  • Your case of Omicron could have boosted your immunity – if you were vaccinated

    Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) Recent preliminary research may offer some comfort to the many vaccinated Americans who discovered Omicron last winter. A pair of studies suggest that vaccinated people who caught the variant developed a strong and diverse immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in general, more than vaccinated and boosted people or people […]

  • How to stop yourself from throwing up

    Photo: Odua Images (Shutterstock) Ugh, it’s coming. You feel a little hot and sticky. Your stomach is in knots. Your mouth has a funny taste. You know you’re going to vomit, very soon. Can you stop him before he arrives? Or at least make it less terrible than it should be? Whether you’re battling morning […]