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  • Cathie Wood has a simple answer to Tesla’s exclusion from an S&P 500 ESG index: ‘Ridiculous’

    Cathie Wood isn’t thrilled that one of her most popular investments, Tesla Inc., is being left out of a leading index that tracks environmentally and socially responsible companies. “Ridiculous,” was essentially Wood’s terse response to the news that the S&P 500 ESG Index dropped Elon Musk’s electric vehicle maker Tesla TSLA. -6.80% of its range, […]

  • TerraUSD Cryptocurrency Plunges as Investors Bail Out

    A sell-off in a cryptocurrency believed to be pegged to $1 accelerated on Wednesday, briefly sending its price below a quarter of that value. TerraUSD traded as low as 23 cents on Wednesday, according to data from CoinDesk. As of 2:43 p.m. ET, it had partially rebounded to around 68 cents in volatile trading.

  • Coinbase stock continues to slide after earnings report

    The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States said it was bleeding users, reflecting the continued destruction of the crypto market and investor unease with risky assets. Coinbase global Inc. PIECE OF MONEY -12.60% said on Tuesday it lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the first quarter, sending the stock plummeting in after-hours trading. […]