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  • By chance, a Polish policeman helps Lech Walesa with a flat tire in the United States

    TOLLAND, Conn. — A Connecticut state trooper from Poland was surprised to respond to an SUV with a flat tire on Wednesday — a passenger in the vehicle happened to be former Polish President Lech Walesa. State Police say Private Lukasz Lipert arrived on call in Tolland and was greeted by Walesa, who spoke in […]

  • Redbox gets swallowed by Chicken Soup For The Soul

    red boxPhoto: Justin Sullivan / (Getty Images) Good news for anyone who wants to see sun-damaged touchscreens come to life with a bit of good cheer: Redbox has just been bought by Chicken Soup For The Soul Entertainment Inc., the company behind eight million pounds of inspirational captions.Reader’s Digest horseshit, and also, for some reason, […]

  • Connecticut man suffers from fatal brain infection caused by Powassan virus

    A Connecticut man is recovering at home after suffering from a case of the rare Powassan virus, state officials report. The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) confirmed last week that a man between the ages of 50 and 59 fell ill in March and suffered from a serious illness that affected his central nervous […]