Tag: computer architecture

  • Nvidia’s next-gen RTX 4000 GPUs could arrive in weeks

    RTX-3060Picture: Nvidia Graphics card prices keep dropping, but you might want to resist buying one if you can hold out a little longer. That’s because Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs are only months away, according to a tipster with a solid track record. Twitter user kopite7kimi posted today that the Nvidia RTX 4090 will arrive in mid-July, […]

  • Google updates Android Auto to fit all touchscreens

    Google follows Bruce Lee’s advice to be like water. You put Android Auto in a screen, it becomes the screen.GIF: Google Google is redesign Android-Auto interface to fit all kinds of touch screens, regardless of size and shape. Google said the redesign will come in an update this summer and will increase Android Auto’s compatibility […]