Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy 7 next month to celebrate its anniversary

Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura says Square Enix will make “various” announcements next month regarding the original game’s 25th anniversary.

As reported by RPGSite, Nomura teased announcements on a livestream for Final Fantasy VII spin-off The First Soldier, saying that Square Enix would be celebrating the original game’s 25th anniversary.

“Next month, we plan to release information related to VII’s 25th anniversary,” he said. “I wonder how [much] I am allowed to share about this. Next month we will post various things.”

Final Fantasy 7 turned 25 in January this year, the anniversary of its original Japanese release. It is the 25th anniversary of the west which is still approaching; the original game launched in the United States on September 7, 1997, and in Europe on November 17.

Remake Part 2 entered full development in July 2020, and original Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase said earlier this year that the development team would like to announce the game in 2022 if possible.

That being said, Square Enix has other Final Fantasy VII related projects in the works (including The First Soldier and the upcoming mobile RPG Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis), but the announcements could be much smaller and closer to the recent reveal of the clothing line.

An announcement regarding Final Fantasy XVI is also expected soon, with producer Naoki Yoshida previously promising that a big reveal would arrive this spring.

The first new mainline entry since 2016 is currently in final development, but Square Enix has yet to confirm a release date.

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