Sonic Frontiers looks like a bland unreal engine tech demo

Sonic stares dumbfounded at something off-screen.

Screenshot: Sega / Kotaku

A brief overview of sound borders was enough to attract people talk about breath of the wild Again, but now that we have more footage, it’s clear what this upcoming game is about. Sega finally listened to YouTube’s comments and hired one of those “remade in Unreal” guys.

Sega has shared a good part of sound borders gameplay this morning, showing off some of the shenanigans the blue hedgehog will do in his next adventure. Sonic collects rings. Sonic rushes through green fields. Sonic grinds floating rails. Sonic climbs (and ends up running up the sides) of ancient towers. Sonic solves simplistic puzzles for collectible trinkets.

Basically, it’s everything you’d expect from an open-world game, just with a few extra lines of speed.

But do Sonic the fans really want? The franchise prided itself on its unique personality, and I got none of that from the start. sound borders pictures. The game looks cool, don’t get me wrong, it’s just weird seeing Sonic in a melancholy world that seems cobbled together from pieces of other games when its whole vibe was “Mario is old and tired, I follow the new punk rock trend.

If you had shown me sound borders last week and told me a fan reconsidered Sonic with Unreal stock assets or even someone just changed the blue blur to Xenoblade Chronicles, I would not have argued. It so perfectly achieves the same level of lifelessness as countless “realistic, high-definition Sonic with divine rays and puddles” on YouTube that I am half convinced that it is a parody of these videos.

All that said, sound borders there is still plenty of time left in the oven. While there’s no concrete release date, Sega says it’s coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year.

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