School district in Kiel, Wisconsin accuses children of using wrong pronouns

A school district in Wisconsin has filed sexual harassment complaints against three college students for calling a classmate by the wrong pronoun.

The school district of Kiel, a city of 3,600, has accused the three eighth-graders at Kiel Middle School of sexual harassment after an incident in April in which students refused to use ‘they’ to refer to a fellow student. class who had changed pronouns a month before the alleged incident, according to reports.

“I received a phone call from the principal … warning me, letting me know that I was going to receive an email containing allegations of sexual harassment against my son,” said Rosemary Rabidoux, whose 13-year-old son, Braden, is one of the students accused of sexual harassment.

“I was immediately in shock,” she continued in an interview with FOX 11. “I’m thinking sexual harassment? It’s rape, it’s inappropriate touching, it’s incest What did my son do?

The sexual assault charges were filed by the school district of Kiel, Wisconsin – a city of 3,600 people.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty defends the accused students and says misuse of pronouns is not covered by Title IX, the U.S. Department of Education law that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education.

“Title IX sexual harassment generally covers things like rape, dating violence, quid pro quo sexual favors — really egregious things,” WILL’s assistant attorney, Luke Berg, told the network. “There is nothing close to what is alleged in this case.”

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