Save 20% on Colorful Keyboard Keys from Drop

If you read The edge and you’re a mechanical keyboard fan (and why wouldn’t you be both?), we have an exclusive offer for you. Drop is offering a 20% discount on some of its popular mechanical keyboard bundles just for you.

Besides keystroke feel and sound, colorful key styles are what often draw people to mechanical keyboards and have helped fuel this recent resurgence in the scene. There’s just something so cool about a board with deliciously bright colors popping out. Although there are many styles, some of which are clones of popular designs, Drop works with designers to provide a variety of quality touches.

This sale includes options such as the RedSuns GMK Samurai set in keyless configuration for $80 ($20 off), the MiTo GMK Belafonte light blue set for $124 ($31 off), and the gray set and white Oblotzky SA Oblivion V2 for as low as $33.60 ($8.40 off). If you prefer a more conventional look, the white-on-black GMK set is $88 ($22 off). And for those who want something truly unique, the MiTo GMK Pixel set eschews alpha callouts entirely in favor of stylized arrows for $112 ($28 off).

All of these keycaps are designed for MX-style keycaps and made with double-injected ABS plastic, so the captions won’t wear out with use, although they may get a little shiny with time because of finger oils. GMK caps are made in Germany, while the Oblotzky set is made in the USA. Don’t forget to use the promotional code YARD20 at the checkout, until May 22, the end date of the offer, to claim your juicy discount and click-clack.

Drop Keyset + MiTo GMK Belafonte

This collaboration between Drop and designer MiTo pays homage to Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou. It’s made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH from dual-injection ABS plastic with MX-style stems and a Cherry profile. Verge Deals readers get 20% off with exclusive promo code YARD20.

Drop+RedSuns GMK Red Samurai Keyset

Inspired by samurai armor and with legends that include Japanese Hiragana, this set of Drop keycaps from designer RedSuns is made by GMK in Germany. Double Injection ABS Caps are available in TKL, 65% and full size. Verge Deals readers get 20% off with exclusive promo code YARD20.

Drop Keyset + Oblotzky SA Oblivion V2

Drop’s collaboration with Oblotzky Industries on the Oblivion colorway is offered a la carte, with alpha keys and modifiers sold separately, allowing for some mix-and-match. These ABS keys are SA profile, which means they have a spherical outline that your fingers sink into smoothly as you type. Verge Deals readers get 20% off with exclusive promo code YARD20.

A good keyboard deserves a great mouse to pair it with, and Logitech’s excellent G Pro X Superlight is currently available for $109.99 in black on Amazon. This is a high-performance gaming mouse that can appeal even to non-gamers, thanks to its no-frills look. The average person might find it hard to tell this mouse is designed for esports-level performance if they just saw it sitting on a desk in the office. Apart from its discreet appearance, its strengths lie in its lightweight construction, weighing only around 63 grams. On the software side, you have to deal with the gaming-focused Logitech G Hub app, but it lets you customize the two extra buttons and adjust the DPI sensitivity of its Hero sensor to your heart’s content. Adjust it to your liking and swipe around your shooter of choice for 360-degree joy. Or, you know, really long spreadsheets.

Super lightweight Logitech G Pro X

Logitech’s G Pro X Superlight is its lightest mouse to date, weighing around 63 grams and retaining the Hero 25,600 DPI sensor like its predecessor. It also has a clean and minimal design, with a single LED just to show the battery level.

Apple’s late 2021 AirPods have moved closer to their best price yet again. The third-generation AirPods sell for $149.99 at Amazon and Walmart, just $10 off Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday times. This roughly $29 discount gets you wireless headphones for Apple devices that feature improved sound over its predecessors, spatial sound, and a MagSafe-compatible wireless charging case. They may not have active noise cancellation and optional silicone tips for a better fit, like the more expensive AirPods Pro, but they’re water and sweat resistant for casual workouts. Read our review.

AirPods (third generation)

Similar in appearance to their sleeker sibling, the AirPods Pro, the latest entry-level AirPods feature a new charging case and shorter stems. They’re also water resistant, unlike the 2019 model, and offer better battery life.

You probably hear “military spec” or “military grade” thrown around all the time. This is what a lot of brands throw when trying to ring a lifestyle product difficult and costs. The Garmin Instinct Tactical fitness tracker has some specs to prove it, meeting military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance, meaning it’s built to take a lot of punishment. It also has some features specifically aimed at military personnel, such as a night mode for use with real night vision goggles. It’s the kind of smartwatch for someone who appreciates extensive GPS tracking, which should cover even the most remote areas, and appreciates an aesthetic reminiscent of G-Shocks.

Garmin’s Instinct Tactical is currently available on Amazon and Adorama for $199.99, which is $100 off its regular price of $299.99. It comes preloaded with workouts and tracking programs for swimming, biking, and even skydiving/air jumps.

Garmin Instinct Tactical

Garmin’s Instinct Tactical is designed to meet military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance. Its battery can last up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, and it uses multiple satellite systems to track and navigate in more distant locations.

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