Roku bundles its Pro voice remote and Ultra streaming box without raising the price

Roku announced Thursday that its Ultra streaming box will include its Voice Remote Pro, which upgrades the company’s standard remote by adding more buttons, always-on listening and a rechargeable battery. Despite the fact that Roku includes a remote that costs $30 to purchase, the Ultra will remain at its original price of $99.99.

In its press release, the company says bundling will begin “mid-May” and its website already says the Ultra comes with the Pro remote. When my colleague Chris Welch reviewed the remote last year, he liked having the ability to give voice commands to his Roku without having to press a button. And while he admired the fact that it no longer required AA, it was a bit of a shame that the remote was charged via Micro USB.

This isn’t the first time Roku has integrated remote control with one of its streaming boxes. The $70 Streaming Stick 4K Plus also includes it. This model, however, costs $20 more than the standard 4K Streaming Stick. It’s nice to see that Roku is just including it with the Ultra without a price increase. That makes the streaming box, which has HDR and an Ethernet port, a bargain, especially when it inevitably goes on sale.

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