Report: ‘Waiting pattern’ for Seahawks, Panthers, Browns on Baker Mayfield – ProFootballTalk

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Three weeks after the draft, quarterback Baker Mayfield continues to be on Cleveland’s roster. This will likely continue to be the case.

Jeff Howe of reports that an “expectation pattern” exists with Mayfield.

Howe reports the Panthers and Seahawks remain interested in Mayfield. The issue continues to be the amount of Mayfield’s $18.8 million guaranteed salary that Cleveland will pay and its next employer will carry.

Mayfield can play, if he’s healthy. He is currently in poor health, reducing the urgency to address issues.

Then there’s the Deshaun Watson situation. If Watson ends up suspended for a significant portion of the season, the Browns may need Mayfield. Before they can do that, however, they must rebuild the bridge to Baker.

It may not be possible. But that’s what the Browns should do. Both teams may ultimately need each other, and Mayfield’s best option may be to play for the Browns instead of the Seahawks or Panthers. Mayfield may need persuasion to get there.

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