Ranking the NFL’s eight divisions by quarterback: AFC West packed with stars; AFC North on the rise

My apologies to my guy Prescott, who is a terrific player and leader in Dallas, but I had to put this division, which includes three teams that could change quarterbacks this offseason, at the bottom. I really like Hurts, and the Eagles are ready for prime time, but he needs to improve on his completion percentage (61.3 in 2021, his first full season as a starter). The Hurts man moved to Philadelphia, Wentz, had an unforgettable season with the Colts; there’s little reason to believe Wentz is able to recapture his old magic from 2017 with the Commanders after Indianapolis coach Frank Reich, who helped Wentz look like an MVP candidate in Philadelphia, didn’t could do it last year. Jones’ career passer rating (84.3) ranks 33rd in the NFL since entering the league as the sixth overall pick in 2019. The Giants’ decision not to pick the fifth option Jones year for 2023 is not a good sign; heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Tyrod Taylor play at some point this season.

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