Random: Portal 64 Demake shows Portal running on “real N64 hardware”

Valves Portal: Companion Collection will see the release of Gate and Portal 2 on a Nintendo console for the very first time, but have you ever wondered what the original 2007 game might have looked like if released in the N64 era?

Well, there’s now a ‘Portal 64’ demake in the works. It’s still in development, but in the video below you can see project contributor ‘lambertjamesd’ showcasing the portal gun and portals. What’s even more impressive is that it apparently runs on real hardware and can go up to six portals deep.

“Portal running on real N64 hardware. In this update, I got the portal gun running with recursive portal rendering. I also made huge progress behind the scenes of the game engine.”

The same creator ‘lambertjamesd’ has already published other Nintendo-inspired creations such as the Game Boy emulator that supposedly runs on real hardware and “N64 real-time shadows”.

What do you think of this first look at the Portal 64 demake? Leave a comment below.

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