President Uhuru greets cabinet secretaries during a meeting at State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta has commended his cabinet for their commitment to supporting his service delivery agenda during his tenure.

In a brief meeting at State House before heading to the Uhuru Gardens National Monument and Museum, President Uhuru said, “Mine is to say thank you, this is a wonderful 59e Madaraka day. We are looking forward to having a great day, this will be my last Madaraka as President and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, we have worked well with you. It was both a pleasure and an honor to have you with us.

A majority of cabinet secretaries wearing yellow belts had converged on State House ahead of the celebrations.

“I am confident that we have laid a solid foundation for those who come after to build a bigger, brighter and more prosperous Kenya where we left off,” President Uhuru said.

Interior CS Fred Matiangí took the time to thank the president for his trust in them as cabinet secretaries, saying the past 10 years have been exciting working in public service and serving the country.

“The threat of terrorism still exists but a lot has been done to reform the security sector, we have enhanced capabilities and we are ready to meet all security challenges,” he said.

CS Matiangí said that under President Uhuru they have created a government where they effectively serve Kenyans saying that improved passport issuance, successful war against cartels in the Ministry of Education and passage of the country from analog to digital broadcasting are some of the highlights of its legacy. .

“President Uhuru has more than delivered on his promise, he has outperformed. He took our country to a whole new level. We have added 10,000 police officers every year, which translates to approximately 100,000 new police officers. We are now able to control the country effectively,” he said.

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