Police arrested a teenager for allegedly planning a high school shooting in Berkeley, California

A teenager was arrested Monday in Berkeley, Calif., after police received a tip that he was “recruiting other high school students to participate in a shooting and/or bombing” at a local high school.

When authorities searched the teen’s home, they found explosives, assault rifles, knives and electronic devices that could be used to make other weapons, police said.

The arrest comes following a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

Since that massacre – which unfolded less than two weeks after a gunman killed 10 people and injured three at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York – US authorities have made several arrests for threatening schools. .

Berkeley police said they obtained a search warrant for the teenager’s home after receiving the tip. The Youth Services Unit then took control of the investigation.

Investigators interviewed witnesses, reviewed evidence and obtained an arrest warrant. The teenager turned himself in to police and was arrested on suspicion of threatening to commit a crime resulting in death or serious bodily harm and possessing destructive equipment, authorities said.

Education officials said they were in “very close contact” with police. The school district said it “relyed on the expertise of [Berkeley police] in their assessment of any continued risk to our school community after police confiscated what they describe as weapon parts.

“We were also in constant communication with the police about the whereabouts of this student,” officials said, saying they alerted administrators and security personnel to the investigation.

“Throughout the investigation period, we have been assured that this individual poses no immediate threat to the Berkeley high school community,” they said. Education authorities said they were “committed” to conducting their own parallel investigation.

On Monday, a Wellington Village, Ohio high school student was arrested for alleged threats against a school. The student’s behavior was deemed a “reliable threat”, 19 News reported in Cleveland.

In New York, an 18-year-old student from Long Island was arrested on Tuesday for stating “his desire to commit a violent act toward students and faculty members” at his school, police said. The teenager was suspended from school in May after his alleged involvement in several fights, ABC4 New York reported.

Florida police have arrested a 10-year-old fifth grader after he allegedly heard of a ‘threatening text message’. The boy was charged with “threatening in writing to carry out a mass shooting,” the Lee County Sheriff said.

“Right now is not the time to act like a petty criminal. It’s no fun,” Sheriff Carmine Marceno said in a statement. “This kid made a false threat, and now he is facing real consequences.”

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