On Ukraine, McConnell is trying to show the world it’s not Trump’s GOP

And of course the best salesman against isolationism in America is President Zelensky. As you’ve heard others say, Winston Churchill in a T-shirt. He is a source of inspiration, not only for his family, but also for us.

For many young people in America, this is the first time they see a clear battle between good and evil. For many people, Afghanistan was murky. Iraq was troubled. It didn’t seem like a clear choice. I thought those two wars were necessary, by the way, but it was confusing to people. I don’t think anyone is confused about this.

We saw the bodies, we saw the destroyed buildings. I don’t think anyone is asking who the bad guys are and who the good guys are, and whether or not America should really play that kind of role that it has traditionally had since World War II: to be the leader of the free world. in opposition to this kind of authoritarianism.

In your opinion, how important was the Chinese factor in all of this?

Huge. You have both the Prime Minister of Japan and the Minister of Defense of Japan saying that if you want to push back the Chinese, the most important thing to do is beat Putin in Ukraine. It comes from the Japanese, whose biggest concern is not Putin but Xi Jinping.

Senator Ted Cruz’s vote for the aid bill was interesting. He gave a very long speech explaining why, and one of the reasons was to counter China.

It was an excellent speech, I think. And since he is one of our more conservative members, I thought it was brave and correct of him to tell people what he did, to the people who follow him closely. And actually, I told him today, I thought that was really, really well put together and an important message to say for someone like him. He has clearly chosen a different path than another of our members who has presidential aspirations.

You said it was brave – why?

Well, if you think about the brand of Republicans you would typically think Senator Cruz would appeal to, that’s not what they want to hear. That’s why I applied the word ‘courage’ to it, because I think he was educating his followers rather than reflecting them.

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