Nottinghamshire County Council cabinet to meet for first time | West Brigford Wire

A cabinet meeting will be held at Nottinghamshire County Council for the first time in a decade after councilors approved a major overhaul to the way the authority makes decisions.

The council moved from the committee system to a chief and cabinet model from this month as it prepares for potential new powers through devolution.

The decision, taken in March, came 10 years after the authority moved away from the same governance structure in 2012 in what council documents describe as the ‘best suited local circumstances’ for Nottinghamshire at this time. era.

However, the Tory-led council now says returning to the cabinet system will provide ‘maximum flexibility’ when negotiating a devolution deal with the government.

And the authority also believes it will lead to “more effective and efficient decision-making.”

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This marks a big change in the way decisions are made within County Hall, moving away from multi-party committees making key decisions on a range of council policies.

The remit of cabinet members will largely mirror the portfolios held by past chairmen of the authority’s committees, with the majority of previous committees disbanded this month.

Portfolios include Transportation and Environment, Finance, Adult Social Care and Public Health, Children and Families, Communities, People, Transformation, Business Management, Economic Development and Management actives.

Now it has been confirmed that the first meeting of the new cabinet will take place in two weeks time on Thursday May 26, with Councilor Ben Bradley MP (Con), leader of the authority, saying it will be a “ efficient structure” for decision-making.

He said: “This change puts us in the best possible position to access decentralization powers, not least because it gives us the accountability that the government is looking for in terms of our structures.

“Apart from that, it puts us in the best possible position to have a modern and effective decision-making structure.

Cllr Bradley will lead and chair cabinet meetings, with the group consisting of himself and nine other senior advisers.

The majority of former committee chairs will continue to lead their existing assignments, while Cllr Matt Barney (Con), who represents Leake and Ruddington, took over the portfolio of adult social care and public health.

A full council meeting on Thursday May 12 was told there will also be deputy minister roles for other advisers within the ruling Conservative group, who will act as aides to portfolio holders.

Other oversight committees will also take place within the authority to oversee the actions and decisions of the executive.

These will include maintaining the existing Health and Wellness Council and the Planning and Rights of Way, Pension Fund and Governance and Ethics Committees.

And the authority will also create select committees covering adult social care and public health, children and young people and location.

These committees will be given appeal abilities when they believe that decisions made by the cabinet have “perceived a procedural error”.

Cabinet members will be assigned final approval authority for decisions within their jurisdiction, with authority to start a delegated decision log on major changes made by the authority.

And they will be required to attend regular wrap-up and review meetings to explain decisions.

The full board will still be responsible for finalizing the authority’s annual budget, as well as establishing committee membership and any key governance matters.

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