NFL rookies who landed with the perfect team: Bowen’s best fits, draft rise flights

The right team is crucial when it comes to NFL rookies and their projection to the next level. We’ve seen plenty of talented prospects selected over seven rounds in the 2022 NFL Draft, but which ones landed in the perfect pattern for their skills? Who has been placed in the best possible position to succeed? Who will get the right coaching and pro system to maximize their talents?

I picked my 10 favorite fits – prospects who landed in teams that fit them perfectly, taking into account schema, trends, and coaching. These players could thrive early on in their NFL careers if set up and developed in the right way. And I believe they are in the perfect places to do just that.

I also picked five of my favorite value picks from the middle rounds. These are guys who weren’t in the top 70 picks, but could play early and often because of their high-end physical characteristics and the situations on the teams that picked them. Keep an eye out for them through the 2022 season and beyond.

Let’s dive in, starting with a defensive back who has a great new NFL home.

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10 rookies who landed with the perfect team