New councilor to take charge of Huddersfield town center’s £210m Cultural Heart project – Huddersfield Hub

A new councilor is to lead the regeneration of Huddersfield town center as Kirklees Council unveiled its new cabinet.

Clr Graham Turner returned to Kirklees Council in the May 5 local election, a year after losing his seat. In the election, Labor won an outright majority, strengthening its grip on the council.

Labor councilor Turner lost his Denby Dale seat in 2021 but secured a comeback by winning Golcar by just 49 votes.

Clr Turner, who was previously in charge of finance as a Cabinet Member for Business, returned immediately to Cabinet and was put in charge of the key regeneration portfolio.

A public consultation is currently underway on the £210million Cultural Heart project which will transform the city centre.

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The Cabinet has nine portfolio holders and only one has changed since the election. The regeneration portfolio became vacant when longtime councilor Peter McBride stepped down from the council in the last election.

Council Leader Clr Shabir Pandor said, “I am truly delighted to confirm our leadership team for the coming year. We have major challenges and opportunities ahead of us, so we need a team with ideas and experience. That is exactly what this Cabinet gives us.

“Each of our nine portfolios makes a difference in the lives of people in Kirklees. Whether it’s transforming our downtowns, keeping communities safe, or supporting children and families, this is a firm with the skills and passion to deliver to local people.

Who’s Who in Cabinet

Clr Shabir Pandor (Batley West) – leader of the council. Clr Pandor has overall responsibility for the vision, direction and strategy of the Council.

Clr Cathy Scott (Dewsbury East) – Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing and Democracy. Clr Scott is responsible for the council’s Homes & Neighborhoods department and ensures that the council listens to the local communities of Kirklees.

Clr Paul Davies – (Holme Valley North) corporate services. Clr Davies oversees council finances and also leads central council services such as IT, performance and wellbeing. The portfolio also covers resident assistance during the cost of living crisis.

Clr Eric Firth (Dewsbury East) – town centres. Clr Firth is responsible for ensuring the district’s towns, villages and markets are safe, clean and welcoming to residents and visitors.

Clr Viv Kendrick (Heckmondwicke) – children (statutory responsibility for children). Clr Kendrick is responsible for vital services to protect children and help local families thrive.

Clr Musarrat Khan (Dalton) – health and social care. Clr Khan works with NHS partners on health issues and helps people in Kirklees live well and independently.

Clr Naheed Mather (Dalton) – environment. Clr Mather is responsible for services that maintain and improve local roads, parks and green spaces and tackle environmental crime.

Clr Carole Pattison (Greenhead) – learning, aspiration and communities. Clr Pattison’s portfolio helps residents realize their potential through education, training and skills, as well as promoting safer communities.

Clr Will Simpson (Denby Dale) – culture and greener Kirklees. Clr Simpson is responsible for celebrating the arts, culture and heritage of Kirklees. He also leads work on sustainability and achieving net zero carbon emissions.

Clr Graham Turner (Golcar) – regeneration. Clr Turner will work with local businesses and develop the council economy. His role includes downtown transformation, planning and transportation infrastructure.

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