Never-before-seen documentary footage from January 6 reveals Pence’s reaction to 25th Amendment request

In never-before-seen documentary footage, Mike Pence reacts to a request to use the 25th Amendment to impeach then-President Donald Trump. The footage, obtained and reported by CNN, captures Pence seated for an interview with Alex Holder’s documentary film crew on January 12, 2021, when an aide walks in and shows him an email containing the draft resolution of the House insisting that he invoke the 25th Amendment. oust his boss. Pence says, “Yeah, great,” before offering a subdued, if not strained, “smirk,” CNN reports. “Tell Zach to print me a hard copy for the trip home,” he told the staffer before settling back in for the scheduled interview, during which he declined to discuss the Capitol riot, according to the documentary. The new images offer a taste of the content the January 6 panel – which is assessing whether to hold future hearings due to newly revealed evidence – is considering.

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