N200bn fraud: Heads roll in Buhari’s cabinet as Accountant General suspended, Idris appoints accomplices

Investigations by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission into the approximately N200 billion fraud investigation into the suspended Federation Accountant General Ahmed Idris are bringing to light more names of senior government officials Muhammadu Buhari who risk also to be investigated.

A senior EFCC source disclosed to Economic Confidential, adding that the total sum of the series of coordinated scams attributed to the suspended AGF is N200 billion.

The official noted that some officials in President Buhari’s cabinet, heads of agencies and parastatals and senior civil servants were up to their necks in fraud.

It should be recalled that Idris was arrested by EFCC agents on May 16 in connection with a series of frauds initially estimated at 80 billion naira.

Idris has been detained by the commission for weeks and provides extensive information regarding the dramatis personae involved in the alleged sleaze.

Three days later, Idris was suspended by the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab Idris, to allow him to face his investigation.

A supervising AGF, a Mr. Anamekwe Nwabuoku, was appointed in his place on May 22.

In a twist of fate, it became clear hours after this announcement that the new AGF supervisor would also have had an outrageous career in public service.

According to credible sources familiar with his background, the EFCC is also investigating him for a series of corruption allegations and Nwabuoku is known to visit headquarters regularly as part of the investigation routine.

Some of the allegations against him include overpaying to himself in previous MDAs he has served.

Since the beginning of the whole investigation, Idris’ confessions, traces of funds, withdrawals and deposits in local and foreign currency, allegedly led to the arrest of former governor of Zamfara State, Abdulaziz Yari, who, like Idris, is currently in EFCC custody.

Finex Professional Chairman and CEO Anthony Yaro was also arrested on Sunday in connection with the investigation.

Findings so far, the source says, will lead to more arrests.

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