Mumbai set to get single planning authority this year: Cabinet Minister Aaditya Thackeray | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: Cabinet Minister Aaditya Thackeray said on Thursday that Mumbai is likely to get a single planning authority this year and work is underway. However, the implementation work of various projects will continue to fall to multiple agencies like MMRDA, he added.
Thackeray was speaking at Climate Crisis 2.0 organized by Mumbai First with the state government, BMC, the European Union and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
“Climate action is not just for 2040 or 2070, but for today. One way forward is to create a single planning authority. In Mumbai, where we have multiple planning agencies and various utilities, we We are actively working to have a single planning agency, with the mayor at its head. It is important that such a body be headed by an elected official. We hope this will happen this year, as deliberations are ongoing.
Explaining in greater detail why it is necessary to have one planning agency, Thackeray said that to fix a trail there are 42 utilities, and coordination is required with each, while another set of agencies must be on board for planning and clearances. This needs to be managed more effectively,” Thackeray said.
The latter also took to his Twitter handle where he said, “Honored to deliver my keynote address at the Climate Crisis 2.0 conference in Mumbai, where we discussed Maharashtra’s goals as India’s leader in the ‘Race to Zero”, the collective responsibility as government, ULB and industry leadership in climate resilience; need to create a National Climate Action Council to mitigate climate change at the sub-national level and streamline green finance and green energy in line with long-term sustainable development. »

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