Monkeypox’s ‘panic’ is overdone and fails

Nostalgic for panic, America? Welcome to monkeypox hysteria!

The World Health Organization is calling a second emergency meeting to discuss whether this virus – which causes fatigue, injury and in some cases death – constitutes a global emergency. The CDC issues warnings and advisories.

Wise epidemiologists claim that this epidemic could have been avoided if only more money had been spent on left-handed causes. Local health departments across the country are tallying the cases and mocking the spread.

Everything seems familiar: the elite anxiety machinery kicks into gear, just as it did with COVID. (After a brief stuttering stage in which our public health “experts” assured us that worrying about the virus is deeply racist.)

There are a few key differences this time around. The first is pure scale.

Since the start of this epidemic in January, it has caused only 9,200 cases in 63 countries, including three deaths. That’s a 0.03% death rate so far, on the back of small overall numbers. (America alone had seen millions of COVID cases by this point in 2020). The bug is simply not transmissible, requiring prolonged close contact to spread.

Moreover, vaccines are already available. And with good standards of healthcare, like those in the US and Europe (where this outbreak is concentrated), the virus is unlikely to cause more than rashes, fever and lethargy. .

Still, panic mongers seem to be doing their best to whip up a frenzy, with dire warnings about public swimming pools (the virus can be spread through contact with infected skin) and summer holidays.

Northwell healthcare personnel at Cherry Grove on Fire Island, New York on July 14, 2022, where monkeypox vaccines were administered.
Newsday via Getty Images

But nobody – fortunately – seems to pay attention to it.

Why? We have been inoculated (so to speak) by our experience of overreacting to COVID.

The past two years have seen massive and unprecedented change in America in the name of public health. We have closed schools, inflicting lasting damage on children. Businesses have suffocated, destroying lives and livelihoods. Funerals, graduations, birthdays: forbidden, missed and ignored.

What have these draconian efforts brought us? Nothing. The virus has torn our population apart, killed over a million people and retreated like viruses do. COVID is now endemic and poses no real threat (except for the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, around whom protection efforts must still were narrowly targeted).

Why, even Yale public health prof and notorious COVID alarmist Gregg Gonsalves (who called on the WHO to declare an emergency) demands that we allow people to manage their own monkeypox risk without shutting down society.

We would call him a hypocrite, but it’s a waste of breath. The nation should just be happy that these fanatics have lost most of their power.

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