Microsoft introduces a completely redesigned Outlook for Windows app

Enlarge / The new Outlook client for Windows will unify web and offline clients, when it does, anyway.


For years, Microsoft has been planning behind the scenes to unify its disparate Outlook clients across the web, Windows, and macOS. Today, that goal has moved closer to completion with the introduction of a new Outlook client for Windows users that closely mirrors the interface and functionality of the Outlook web client.

The new app is available to Office Insiders in the beta channel who have Microsoft 365 work or school accounts. Standard Microsoft accounts are currently not supported. This appears to be the same version of the Outlook client that was leaked to the public a few weeks ago.

A unified Outlook client, also known as “One Outlook” or “Project Monarch”, will be a particularly welcome change for Mac users. The Mac version of Outlook has always felt different and less complete than the Windows client, although the current situation is much better than the bad old days of Microsoft Entourage.

The new Outlook app will not only replace the current Outlook app, but Windows’ built-in email and calendar apps as well. These apps received minor updates for Windows 11 to bring them in line with its revamped user interface, but they haven’t seen many functional improvements in recent years. The new Outlook app will work on Windows 10 and 11, but we don’t know if it will replace the Mail and Calendar apps in both operating systems.

The new Outlook app is still in its early stages, and as such, there’s a long list of common email client features that it doesn’t support. Features in development and planned that are not yet supported include support for IMAP email accounts, accounts, offline use, use with multiple accounts, and support for support for using Outlook .pst data files.

We might get more information about the One Outlook project at Microsoft’s Build developer conference, which will take place next week from May 24-26.

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