Mayor of Lewisham announces new Cabinet team after election

Lewisham’s new mayor has announced his cabinet following local elections.

Damien Egan was re-elected with 39,966 votes (58.05%).

Labor held all 54 local councilor seats in a majority victory.

Nick Humberstone of the Green Party won 10,987 votes (16%) while Caroline Louise Attfield of the Conservative Party won 7,980 votes (12%).

A total of 68,847 votes were cast in the Lewisham mayoral election in 2022.

Mayor Egan said: “I am honored to have been re-elected as Mayor of Lewisham for another four years, alongside a fantastic team of councillors.

“I am delighted to get involved and deliver the ambitious manifesto on which I was elected.

“I am delighted to confirm my practice, which will provide the talent, energy and challenge to move forward and make a real difference in the lives of local people.

“Across the board, I am proud that we have our most diverse group of advisors to date.

The Mayor’s Office team is made up of:

Brenda Dacres: Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing Development and Planning

Chris Barnham: Children, Youth and Community Safety

Paul Bell: adult health and social services

Juliet Campbell: Communities, Refugees and Well-Being

Sophie Davis: housing management and homelessness

Amanda de Ryk: finance and strategy

Louise Krupski: Environment and climate action

Kim Powell: Business, Jobs and Skills

André Bourne: Culture and Leisure (jobshare)

James-J Walsh: Culture and leisure (job sharing)

These appointments will be confirmed at the Board’s AGM on May 25th.

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