Mayor Lightfoot announces citywide curfew changes after Millennium Park shooting

CHICAGO (WLS) — Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined Chicago officials and community leaders Monday morning to outline changes to the city’s curfew as well as the addition of a new curfew at Millennium Park for children. unaccompanied minors.

The changes come in response to the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy near ‘The Bean’ on Saturday night, when large crowds of hundreds of unruly teenagers took over Millennium Park and began flooding the streets .

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office identified him as Seandell Holliday. Marin Richardson, 17, has been charged as an adult with second degree murder, a boy has now been charged with second degree murder.

Mayor Lightfoot announces citywide curfew changes

Mayor Lightfoot previously announced time, place and manner restrictions at Millennium Park after 6 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

At a Monday press conference, Mayor Lightfoot said she was making changes to the city’s curfew for people 17 and under, which has been in effect since 1992. The curfew is 23 hours for people 17 and under, and Lightfoot said it would now be 10 p.m.

Lightfoot said she was “distressed” to hear that tweens as young as 10 and 11 were coming downtown unaccompanied at night.

“It’s just not smart and it’s definitely not safe anywhere,” Lightfoot said. “It’s not just because it’s downtown. Our kids need to be accompanied by adults. Period.”

The mayor said she understands teens need safe places and highlighted the activities available at

Superintendent David Brown said Sunday the police department’s current priority is to secure Millennium Park, but admitted there is the possibility of movement to other downtown locations. These large groups of young people seem to be drawn downtown on weekends, not by chance, but as a result of coordinated efforts to nurture them on social media, he said.

“It’s different,” Brown said. “Our intelligence tells us that there are groups coming together. These young people…we have to deal with how it starts.”

Hours after the nearby Millenium Park shooting, two more youths were shot near State Street and Jackson Boulevard.

Chicago announces new curfew at Millennium Park after deadly shooting

Mayor Lightfoot also said Monday that she had ordered the Chicago Police Department to expedite traces of firearms found in the hands of minors.

The city said this new policy will be strictly enforced and violations will be dealt with promptly.

“We, as a city, cannot allow any of our public spaces to become platforms of danger. Anyone entering our public spaces should expect to enjoy them peacefully and should respect and demonstrate community standards of basis of decency. We simply won’t accept anything less,” Lightfoot said, in part. “I call on all parents, guardians, and caring adults to step up at this time and do whatever it takes to to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again and to encourage appropriate behavior when our young people gather anywhere in this great city of ours. .”

The city said this new policy will be strictly enforced and violations will be dealt with promptly.

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The American Civil Liberties Union released a statement saying the curfew could lead to unnecessary stops and arrests.

“Mayor’s announcement suggests our city’s showcase park shouldn’t be available to all Chicago residents. Curfews and bans create group guilt for all young people – whether they’re there to enjoy sights and sounds of downtown or whatever The vague description – relying on an undefined “responsible adult” – allowing young people to be present in the park and the promise of strict enforcement will lead to stops and unnecessary arrests and additional tension between the CPD and young people of color situation up close,” the ACLU said in a statement.

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