Magic: The Gathering’s First Warhammer 40,000 Maps Are Grim, Dark Enough

Wizards of the Coast has finally unveiled the first Warhammer 40,000 themed cards for Magic: The Gathering. Announced in February 2021, the Universes Beyond product line will include four standard Commander decks and four Collector’s Edition Commander decks, all of which are slated for release on August 12. Additionally, the collaboration with Games Workshop will also include three Secret Lair drops. The announcement, made Thursday on Twitch, also included a handful of preview cards.

These new Commander decks will contain a combination of new cards and reprints of classic cards with new 40K themed graphics. Bridges include Necron Dynasties (black), Imperium Forces (white, blue and black), Tyranid Swarm (green, blue and red) and The Powers of Ruin (blue, black and red). The only legendary creature revealed was Abaddon the Despoiler, a 5/5 monster with trample. This card includes the new ability Mark of Chaos Ascendant, which adds a cascade to cards based on how many life points your opponents have lost this turn. This should allow many additional spells to trigger as a result.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

The concept of Commander Collector’s Edition decks is a first for Wizards. The presenters said on Thursday that the decks will be “fully foiled” and will include a new “surge foil” treatment on some cards. Photos and videos of the never-before-seen treatment are on the way.

Image: Vanguard Suppressor

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Crafting allows you to search your library and put an artifact into your hand.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Blood for the Blood God!  Skulls for the Skull Throne!  It's an instant, and lets you deal 8 damage to each opponent for discarding your hand.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

Another new ability mentioned during the presentation is called Squad. It was included on the only Ultramarine-themed card shown during the presentation, and it allows players to field copies of a newly summoned creature for the cost of two additional mana of any color.

The 40-minute presentation also includes details on Dual Masters 2022 (coming July 8) and Dominaria United (coming September 9). For more details, you can find the entire archive on Twitch.

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