Ludwig urges Twitch to ban all sponsored game streams amid xQc controversy

The game made a return to the top of Twitch after xQc began streaming the activity despite apologizing and telling fans it wouldn’t do it again 10 months ago.

This prompted YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig to step in and demand that Twitch stop allowing sponsored gambling streams on the platform.

In a video uploaded earlier today to Ludwig’s Mogul Mail YouTube channel titled “Twitch Needs to Stop Gambling Streamers,” the former Twitch star said he thinks the platform needs to crack down on these types of gamblers. broadcasts.

Many fans and streamers have condemned xQc for his actions, but rather than blame the Twitch star, Ludwig believes the blame lies with the Amazon-owned platform for allowing sponsored game streams in the first place.

“It’s a problem, but I don’t think the responsibility of whether you play or don’t play should ever be on the streamer,” Ludwig said. “I have a theory that I just think we shouldn’t rely on humans to have the morality that we seek. They shouldn’t be the ethical person. It should be the platform. The platform is the one who should dictate what is OK and not OK.

Ludwig also outlined a simple directive that he said would “fix” gaming on Twitch: the platform should simply stop allowing sponsored game streams on its site. Ludwig says it’s too easy to stream when the money you’re using comes from sponsors, but if it’s the streamer’s money that’s at stake, they’d be much less likely to do so.

Ten months ago, xQc stepped into hot water and faced waves of backlash for broadcasting itself playing slots and exposing the addictive activity to its young audience. Because of this, he told fans that he would never live stream gambling again and apologized for his actions. But on May 17, it looked like the star had gone back on his word, returning to the game with a paid sponsorship and saying, “I love the game, so I’m just going to play.”

Twitch has yet to release an official statement about the new wave of gambling on its own site. And the platform’s biggest creator shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. XQc streamed slots for the second time for five hours yesterday and maintained a consistent viewership of over 100,000 concurrent viewers, according to TwitchTracker.

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