LIVE report: Watch the launch of the DJI Mini 3 Pro camera drone here


So who’s excited, someone else is excited, I’m very excited!

34 minutes to go until DJI announces a new drone, will it be a new model in the mini-series or something different

If you’ve just heard the news and want the best way to watch is to follow the DJI YouTube channel, which already has people lined up and waiting for the news to come as it comes, but better yet, we have included the live above and you can sit back and follow the announcement as soon as we hear about it LIVE on Digital Camera World.

The launch of the video is set to begin at 9am ET / 2pm BST / 11pm AEST

Drone DJI Mini 2 (Image credit: DJI)

The Mini 2 is a reimagining of the Mavic Mini; it takes a well-designed ultralight airframe (weight is non-negotiable) and addresses the areas that drone geeks have complained about. Well, those who usually fly much more expensive drones have mentioned, anyway. These were primarily radio range, crosswind response, and an assortment of camera features.

Now the Mini 2 has essentially the same fantastic new OcuSync 2.0 controller from the Mavic Air II, with automatic frequency hopping. With more powerful motors and improved software, this drone can handle Force 5 (not too bad for such a lightweight contraption). Photographers have been rewarded with Raw, exposure bracketing (but only 3 stops) and DJI’s spectacular automated panorama features, while video enthusiasts finally have 4K under 250g (and a shiny logo near the lens to prove it), complete with a digital zoom (useful to have, not essential to use).

This drone also features some improvements to file transfer making it easier to switch from drone to phone, and an additional color-changing light for, uh… well, it’s fun to change the color using the remote.

Maybe the next update will bring a better reason? – will know soon enough!

It’s no surprise that DJI drones top our list of the best drones around. From a bit of high-flying fun to the ultimate selfie-drone; from a photographer’s favorite to industrial and educational quadcopters, DJI has at least one offering in every area. There is even a crop spraying drone! The range has expanded with three and a half remarkable drones in 2021 alone, with the arrival of the racing DJI FPV, the foldable DJI Air 2S, the Mini SE (depending on where you live) and the Mavic 3.

It’s also important to keep in mind the latest drone registration rules, which in many places means there’s more paperwork involved with drones weighing over 250g.

But what would this new drone replace? how does the old compare to the potential new specs? let’s take a look.

To name a few in the very lively and very excited Youtube chat before the official lunch, many are looking forward to a potential DJI Mini 3 Pro, with some even saying:

“I’m going to order today, I just haven’t decided whether or not I want this smart controller or save the money and go with a normal” or “I hope the mini 3 has good d-avoidance. ‘hurdles because size is so beneficial for these kinds of goals’

While others suggest that smaller drones used to be affordable for everyone, but:

“All mini drones used to be good quality and affordable drones, but now it’s not so affordable with extra features that normal people don’t want or need”

“Does anyone know in advance if the RC PRO will be compatible with Mini3? I hope so… I have Mavic3Cine, I don’t want to spend more money for another screen…”

I’m sure there are plenty of readers sitting on both sides of the fence right now, but in just over an hour we’ll know for sure what to expect from the alleged drone launch!

Perhaps the only downside to having the screen included in the controller is that the joysticks are now much taller, which might be less comfortable to hold, but until we have one in our hand, we don’t know if that’s the case or not.

Until we hear more information directly from DJI, we can’t say for sure what the specs will be, but, if any of the things mentioned are true, this is a very exciting drone capable capture high quality photos. and videos. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know.

DJI Mini 3 Pro leaked photos

(Image credit: @DealsDrones)

From a leaked photo we’ve talked about before, it looks like the remote (at least in the Pro kit) will have a built-in screen rather than having to use your phone, which will make the controller smaller to handle. It should also make it easier to use as there have been times when I’ve used my drone and accidentally clicked on a notification popup and it took me to Instagram or Messenger unintentionally.

The camera also appears to be squarer than the more traditional rectangle we’ve seen from the drone giant, which could be down to keeping the weight down to 249g.

However, make no mistake, even if this drone weighs less than your favorite cookie pack, you will still need to register this drone with your local authorities and follow state or country drone laws.

The gimbal and camera unit also appear to have received an upgrade through a redesign, we’re used to seeing the camera held by two arms of the gimbal, but the new DJI Mini 3 takes a more interesting approach and actually looks like a mini version of the DJI OM 5 – which could be an interesting development.

See more

It also looks like the gimbal itself has gotten a much overdue revamp, with arms that rotate rather than flip over and a squarer-shaped camera, it all looks like it could be one of the best drones out there. camera there, in 2 hours we will know if all these rumors and leaks are true or just fantasy.

How to watch the DJI drone launch

For those who just tuned in, the best way to watch is to follow the DJI YouTube channel, which already has people lined up and waiting for news to come as it comes, better yet, we’ve included the first one below. and you can sit back and follow the announcement as soon as we hear about it LIVE on Digital Camera World.

The video is set to drop at 9am ET / 2pm BST / 11pm AEST

From the apparently leaked spec sheet, it looks like the Mini Pro 3 will have a top speed of 57 km/h, while the lens will have an 82.1-degree field of view, which is an equivalent format of 24mm lens, again take these with a pinch of salt as no official comment has been made by DJI.

It should include features that were missing before, such as obstacle avoidance sensors, it could have a bigger battery with longer flight time and maybe even a 1-inch sensor with an f/1.7 lens – which would be a game changer whether or not you’re using it for photos or videos.

Although DJI has not released any official statement on its release dates or specs, the latest and most exciting leak is a DJI Mini Pro 3 spec sheet from Sony Alpha Rumors via a Twitter account. Jasper Ellens suggesting that the model will have a new Sony 48MP sensor. If true, the design of the Sony Quadpixel sensor will be similar to that used by the OM-1 digital camera.

DJI started its popular drone series with the DJI Mavic Mini in October 2019, which at the time of its release was quite a unique offering, packing a 2.7K camera into a sub-250g body. This family now includes the newer DJI Mini SE and the DJI Mini 2.

DJI Mini 3 drone: what we know so far

The new drones didn’t launch on April 28 as some rumors had predicted, and now that same rumor mill suggests that today, May 10 could be the official launch date. In a few we will now for sure!

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