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What appear to be schematics for the Xbox One (Model S and X) and, perhaps more damagingly, schematics for the Xbox Series S/X, Microsoft’s newest consoles, have leaked online.

The docs only cover specific revisions, but appear to be fairly recent.

They reference consoles as follows, using internal project codenames:

Xbox OneS

  • PCB Assembly Kief Retail (24/04/2018)
  • kingston (18/01/2016) rev 1.01

Xbox One X

  • Cactus (2017-04-20) rev 0.991

Xbox series S

  • Stockton (25/06/2019) rev 0.12

Xbox series X

  • Toledo SB (2019-08-12) rev 1.04
  • Toledo SoC (2018-11-05) rev 1.03

These schematics could possibly be used by unofficial repair shops for console maintenance, or possibly by hardware tinkerers looking to reverse engineer certain aspects of Microsoft’s consoles. It’s unclear how much damage this could do to Microsoft down the line, but there’s no doubt that these files weren’t intended for public consumption.

A word of advice if you’re a reverse engineer: depending on your situation and where you live, access to this type of information could violate any cleanroom design concept for you or your team, putting your project in legal jeopardy. It is advised not to try to recover these documents unless you really know what you are doing (from a legal point of view).

No download links here, for obvious reasons.

Source: via Zecoxao

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