Leader of the Official Opposition describes cabinet shuffle as ‘status quo’


Provincial NDP leader says cabinet reshuffle signals business-as-usual approach to addressing very difficult issues of affordability and crisis in cost of living, health care capacity, education cuts and investments in mental health. Ryan Meili says in a statement that the Sask Party has had the opportunity to show it has listened to concerns raised across the province and put in place ministers willing to do the job, but, “instead, they have maintained the very ministers who take their marching orders and continue to sit on their hands.

He suggests that the most striking example is the retention of Paul Merriman as Minister of Health. Meili says that under Merriman’s leadership, Saskatchewan has seen the worst response to the fourth wave of the pandemic, the highest COVID death rate and top health officials continue to leave the province. The NDP leader says keeping him as health minister sends a clear signal to front-line workers that will create challenges in retaining and recruiting health care workers in this province.

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