Keep Calm and Stock the Medicine Cabinet Ahead of Jubilee Weekend

Health officials are urging people to stock their medicine cabinets ahead of the long Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

Residents of Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire are reminded that most minor illnesses and injuries can be treated safely at home with the help of a well-stocked medicine cabinet.

The advice comes ahead of the Bank Holiday long weekend as GP surgeries in the area, along with other NHS services, will be closed on Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3 for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

People are therefore encouraged to stock up on essential items, such as paracetamol, indigestion tablets, antihistamines, diarrhea tablets and digital thermometers.

Some pharmacies will remain open on public holidays, as will emergency and urgent care services, including NHS 111.

However, new data recorded over the past two bank holiday weekends has shown that hundreds of people who contacted NHS 111 could have saved time by managing their symptoms through simple self-care methods.

Throughout the Easter weekend, 1,417 calls to 111 were completed, with callers asked to deal with their condition at home, which represents more than a quarter (27%) of all calls made during the break of four days.

A similar picture was also seen over the weekend in early May, when another 815 callers – 23% of all calls made that weekend – were told that self-care would be the most common treatment plan. appropriate for their symptoms.

Dr Amanda Webb, Chief Medical Officer of the soon-to-be-established BSW Integrated Care Board, said: “As a clinician, I cannot stress enough the importance and value of good personal care, especially during a weekend. – holiday weekend, which is always an extremely busy period for the health and care system.

“Personal care not only allows people to manage their symptoms at home, which for most is a much more appealing option than sitting in a clinical waiting room, it also allows our teams on the front line to focus all of their attention on those people who will benefit the most.”

She went on to explain that while they want everyone to enjoy the festive weekend, by keeping these drugs at home people can help the already stretched NHS during what will already be a hectic weekend.

Hospital emergency departments, as well as urgent treatment centres, will be open throughout the Jubilee weekend for people with serious health conditions, such as heavy bleeding, loss of consciousness, chest pain and fractures.

NHS 111 will be available as usual throughout the bank holiday weekend.

The opening hours of selected pharmacies which will remain open on the bank holiday are available online at

People can access general health advice on the NHS website by visiting

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